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Medieval Historical  Costuming
by Lena Torp /Lady Astrid Johnsdotter Torp


Please observe! I just create these costumes for fun and do not perform orders.
I will be happy to help you in the way I can, that is to try answering your questions, as soon as possible.

  900 to 1100.
Viking and early medieval
Tunics with wool embroidery, tabletwowen ribbons, advanced woven wool.

Viking woman


Viking girl


Viking Gotland

1100. Early medieval
The influense from Byzanz are strong. The coif (the little cloth helmet) is popular to wear, as the Templar knights does. Heavy brockade from Damaskus.

1100 woman

Coif headdress


Simple surcoat

  1200.  Velvet from Italy on wealthy people. Tighter silhuett. Low waistline at the hips and long, wide sleeves.

Italian inspiration



Simple surcoat


Embroidered Ladys dress

Embroidered wooldress

  1300. Buttons of cloth, bone or metal. Wealthy people wear dekorations on the edges ( Codex manesse).

Moy Bog dress


Young Lady dress in thin wool


Inspired by a fresk in Lybeck

A princess dress

Herjolfsnes from Greenland

  1400. The waistline moves upwards under the breast. The more cloth, more expensive and beautiful, the wealthier you are. The ladies hats goes bigger too.

Norman Lady


Duc de Berry dress


A Burgund bridemaidens dress
The Henin


1500. Tight top and sleeves, pregnant look. Large hats and the veil are more a decoration than concealer of the hair.
Later on the waistline move down, and body forming corsetts and fartingale gives the Tudorstyle.

Maria Magdalena dress

Flemish dress


Coming, a Florentin Ladys dress