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A curiosity for the artistic expressions and to exploit different material and styles, have always been my motivation.
My education as a decorator gave me the practical knowledge
, and a later education to artistic illustrator provided me the context for art and expression of it.
Now my work as an art- and media teacher at a college, are one way to bring the value of these things
, on to the next generation.

As you can see on the website, the gallery contains different aspects of my interests.

The links will lead you through paintings and illustrations. And then on to my silver jewellery and sculpturing, but I take photos as well, check my archive.
When I get some spare time, I practice living history in a medieval division called Juneborg here in Sweden and SCA. For me, it mostly means, creating historical dresses and shoes, archery and practising calligraphy with inc and feather pens.
My Medieval photo gallery shows how fun we always have at our events and the beauty and grace in the medieval clothing.
Take a look in my wardrobe

I wish you a good time! And please remember the copyright belongs to me

Please contact me if you need to use pictures ect.

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Thanks to my husband Mikkel for your starthelp! Take a look att his roadracing att:    http://arena-mc.torps.net/